It's been awhile since this site has been updated, we've been playing and rehearsing here and there, and I've been too lazy to update the blog. BUT Vol. 4 "The Metal Years" will finally be released on Vinyl and Cassette (one day maybe CD hopefully) on October 22, 2022.  Streaming will be available the day before on 10/21 probably.  More info on that coming soon, with a whole new online store and everything.  To celebrate, there will be a record release show and the details are as follows:

Sat Oct. 22 @ The Golden Bull 412 14th St. 8PM 21+ w/ Monster Treasure (Stockton), Thunder Boys (SF) and Smile Too Much (Oakland)

New shirts and other shit coming soon as well

Metal is the shit I grew up with - I couldn't even fuck with Punkorama (except maybe there was an Anal Cunt track once?) or Asian Man Records or nothing like that.  I don't even think I got down with Operation Ivy til I was like 20 or so.  Metal for lack of a better phrase, made who I am today for better or worse.  Vol. 4 is a celebration of that.  I hope you enjoy.