The Military And The Monetary

Upcoming Shows

Sat April 28 - Live on KALX 90.7 FM Radio East Bay 10PM (PT) LiveStream

Sun May 13 -  @ Independent Brewery in Oakland "Erin's Going To Alaska Party" w/ Under 15 Seconds, Space Toilet, Scare, Lazy Hawk, Blood, Ian Buddy 2-8PM

Thur May 17 - @ The Knockout in SF w/ Murder Murder

Wed May 23 - @ Hemlock in SF w/ Jock Tears (Vancouver) and Hvvmid

Fri June 8 - @ Dildo Factory in Berkeley w/ Kristian North and White Poppy (Canada) + 1 more TBA

If A Girl Calls - Don't Hang Up

Upcoming Shows

Friday March 23 @ The Dildo Factory Berkley - w/ Dawn Riding, Lazy Hawk and Swell Spells (Bakersfield)
Thursday April 5 @ Amnesia San Francisco - w/ Clarke and the Himselfs (LA/Idaho/Oregon), Everyone Is Dirty
Saturday April 21 @ The Hole Oakland - w/ Nopes and more

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time

Upcoming Shows

Friday March 9 @ The Octopus Literay Salon Oakland - w/ Baseball Gregg (Italy/Stockton), The Heartlights and Jake Belissimo (Rochester)
Friday March 23 @ The Dildo Factory Berkley - w/ Dawn Riding, Lazy Hawk and Swell Spells (Bakersfield)
Thursday April 9 @ Amnesia San Francisco - w/ Clarke and the Himselfs (LA/Idaho/Oregon), Everyone Is Dirty

Not As Good As Aersomith But Good Enough

"The Lemon Tree EP" is available for streaming/buying purposes or if you're livingthe bay area come to any of these shows

Thursday December 28 @ The Knockout San Francisco, CA w/ Jus' Folks (!!!!!!) and Trainwreck Riders (raising $ to put out that heavy as fuck Burrito Metal Stoner record they recorded with Tim Green cause Tee Pee was too busy having to Pee Pee)
Friday December 29 @ The Ivy Room Albany, CA w/ Silent Era, Drama and Nopes 
Thursday January 11 @ The Octopus Literary Salon Oakland, CA w/ Turquoise Noiz, Pregnant, and 1988

I'm Too Much With Myself

"The Lemon Tree EP" drops 11/2/17 On Orifice Dorm Records

Newly recorded version of an old classic plus 3 new songs.

Tour Kickoff show will be at The Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland w/ Bad Boyfriends (Little Rock, AR), Mabs and Blades Of Joy

West Coast/Southwest Tour w/ Bad Boyfriends in the works

My Man On Love

Upcoming Shows

Saturday August 12 - @ Ivy Room in Albany, CA w/ Known To Collapse, Bloody Waters
Thursday August 24 - @ Octopus Literary Salon w/ Monster Treasure (tour kickoff), Vasas (sacramento), Don't Ask
Saturday September 23 - @ Octopus Literary Salon as the YOGURT BRAIN TRIO (first full set with a bass player ever) w/ Andrew Henderson, Step Moms, Crissy Bell

Unquestionable Presence

Summer 2017 Shows

Friday June 16 - @ TooT's Tavern Crockett w/ Violence Creeps, Stucko, Just Busted, Babewatch
Friday June 30 - @ Hemlock Tavern San Francisco w/ Devotionals, Smokin' Ziggurats, David and Joanna
Tuesday July 18 - @ Octopus Literary Salon Oakland w/ K^ren(!), Medvedi (El Paso), Lunas (El Paso)
Thursday July 27 - @ Hemlock Tavern San Francisco w/ Sad Baxter (nashville), By The Gods (nashville), Beauty Queen
Saturday August 12 - @ The Ivy Room w/ Known To Collapse