The Dark Winter

Thursday 2/20 At Golden Bull in Oakland w/ Shutups (tour kickoff), Slumped and Pendant

New Music in 2020 (probably)

If I Needed Someone

Upcoming Shows

Saturday January 4th @ Benders SF w/ Burning Curtains, Cutty and Creepy Smell

New Music Coming in 2020

I Want To $ee The Bright Lights Tonight

Upcoming Shows

Tue Aug 27 @ Octopus Literary Salon (RIP) in Oakland w/ Hotline TNT, Toner, and Fentanyl

Tue Sep 24 @ Golden Bull in Oakland w/ Cruz, Warm Springs and Swell Spells (bakersfield)

Um Um Well Excuse Me...

SoCal Weekend

Friday April 12 @ Sonido Del Valle LA w/ The Withers, Snakes
Saturday April 13 @ San Pedro Brewing Co., San Pedro w/ Salt, Rat Fancy and Jason Paul


Wednesday March 20th @ Dildo Factory w/ Jock Tears, Monster Treasure,
Friday March 22 @ Oakland Secret w/ ShutUps, Garderner, Irma

Blues Still Running The Game

Upcoming Shows

Sat Jan 26 @ Knockout SF 3223 Mission Street Matinee Show 4-7 PM w/ Jason Paul and The Know It Alls (San Pedro), Salt (San Pedro), Trash Vampires 
Sat Jan 26 @ Amnesia SF 9PM w/ Killer Whale maybe?
Thur Jan 31 @ Octopus Literary Salon Oakland w/ Hits, Ben David, Warm Springs

Time To Play B-Sides

Upcoming Shows

NECTAR OF ANTIPATHY the greatest Blue Oyster Cult Tribute band that I'm definitely part of will play 2 shows this upcoming week

Sat Oct 27 9PM @ Octopus Literary Salon $7 w/ Nopes doing Guided By Voices, an all start Belle and Sebastian cover band featuring local z list celebrities and someone doing a Wire cover band

Wed Oct 31 Halloween Night Show @ Elbo Room Jack London Oakland w/ Nature Boys (Kansas City), Ripe Species and Healers

Then Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Sat Nov 3 @ Octopus Literary Salon 9PM $7 w/ Yogurt Brain, Marriage Material (LA) 2 Lazy Boys and Combo