Vol. 4 "The Metal Years" Out Now



Out now on the all your favorite streaming services and bandcamp.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/vol-4-the-metal-years/1651471056

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6d4pm0MywquB4bB4sbcM92

And then of course on Bandcamp - Vinyl, Cassettes, and shirts available for purchase through Bandcamp but if you want to skip bandcamp, email yogurtbrainoakland@gmail.com and we'll figure out how to getcha one.  



It's been awhile since this site has been updated, we've been playing and rehearsing here and there, and I've been too lazy to update the blog. BUT Vol. 4 "The Metal Years" will finally be released on Vinyl and Cassette (one day maybe CD hopefully) on October 22, 2022.  Streaming will be available the day before on 10/21 probably.  More info on that coming soon, with a whole new online store and everything.  To celebrate, there will be a record release show and the details are as follows:

Sat Oct. 22 @ The Golden Bull 412 14th St. 8PM 21+ w/ Monster Treasure (Stockton), Thunder Boys (SF) and Smile Too Much (Oakland)

New shirts and other shit coming soon as well

Metal is the shit I grew up with - I couldn't even fuck with Punkorama (except maybe there was an Anal Cunt track once?) or Asian Man Records or nothing like that.  I don't even think I got down with Operation Ivy til I was like 20 or so.  Metal for lack of a better phrase, made who I am today for better or worse.  Vol. 4 is a celebration of that.  I hope you enjoy.